Amazing Benefits of Morning Workouts(Scientifically Proven)

Some studies argue that working out later in the day allows your body to perform better because there is an increase in strength and flexibility as the day progresses. Alternatively, another research highlights that exercising in the wee hours of the day lessens appetite and promotes healthier diet choices.

Research has also concluded that this lowering of appetite due to morning workout reduces the calorie intake and helps dodge those extra pounds.

study published in the Journal of Physiology found that exercising around 7 am raises alertness in the morning and corrects your sleep cycle to ensure adequate rest and repair for your body. In fact, there is exploratory work suggesting the ease of sticking to healthy habits when you finish them in the morning.

We say it is important that you workout at the time that suits you best, as working out is what is important and what time you workout comes secondary. When we say that, what we mean is that if you don't exercise altogether because it's a hassle or inconvenience for you to workout in the morning, then working at the time most convenient to you is what you should do – instead of skipping the workout altogether. What is crucial is that you are consistent with your fitness schedule instead of worrying about the time. 

But, if you can commit to morning workout sessions – they do offer added advantages. 

Science-Backed Advantages of Embracing an Early Morning Exercise Routine

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  1. Develops Self-discipline:

    A Health Psychology analysis found that forming the habit of exercising is what defines consistent exercisers. Regularity in exercising comes when you finish it before your everyday worldly duties take hold of your day. A self-disciplined early morning fitness hour shines brighter. Setting up an alarm, waking up, and getting into your workout gear to finish an energetic exercise session will help you build self-discipline. 

  2. Burns More Fat:

    Carbohydrates, proteins, and fats are the fuel sources of our body used to produce energy. Losing fat is the ultimate goal. A study conducted conducted by the British Journal of Nutrition has proven that empty stomach workouts can burn as much as 20% more fat than post-meal sessions. Another similar studyfound that exercisers working out before breakfast experience an increase in fat oxidation and hence can eat a high-calorie diet without worrying about weight gain.

  3. Increases Psychological Senses:

    Morning exercises act as radar tuners to switch up your mood for the day. Exercising produces a hormone called serotonin in our brain that is responsible for our mood in general. Moreover, our brains also release other neurotransmitters and hormones, including endorphins, dopamine, norepinephrine, post-workout. You can effectively improve your physical and mental well-being.

  4. Raises Energy Levels: 

    Yet another science-backed evidence was found by the researchers at the University of Georgiacorrelating regular low-intensity exercises with an energy boost of 20% and a decrease in 65% fatigue. That is how a workout directly impacts the central nervous system. Regular physical activities increase the supply of oxygen and nutrients to your lungs and heart, improving your cardiovascular system, endurance, and overall stamina resulting in higher energy throughout the day. 

  5. Controls Blood Glucose:

    Although exercise is the way to control many terminal illnesses, including Type 1 diabetes, working out could also be detrimental to the blood glucose levels due to hypoglycaemia. The solution is to exercise early in the morning. A 2015 study published in the Journal of Diabetes Science and Technologyfound that morning exercise lowers the risk of low blood glucose. 

  6. Lessens Calorie Intake:

    This got proven by a Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercisestudy. Herein, the researchers analysed the brain activity of women looking at pictures of food and flowers noting that, women who had exercised in the morning showed a lesser inclination to the tasty images than those who had not. Morning fitness routines make food seem less appealing. So cut down on additional calories with a sweat-worthy early morning exercise session. 

  7. Controls Blood Pressure:

    Vascular Health and Risk Managementresearch aimed to investigate the effect of exercise timing on blood pressure. Researchers enrolled participants in 30-minutes workouts monitored at different times. The findings showed that morning workouts reduced blood pressure by 10-25%. 

  8. Increases Metabolism:

    The amount of calories you need for many life-dependent activities like blood circulation, breathing, repair, etc., is called the basal metabolic rate. This rate varies depending on your age, sex, and body type. Morning workouts tend to induce better metabolic rates leading to more calories burnt all day long. 

  9. Helps Promote Higher Testosterone:

    As stated by the National Institute for Fitness & Sport, your testosterone levels reach their peak at the crack of dawn. Testosterones are the hormones responsible for muscle building by helping you lift heavier weights and build strength. Your testosterone levels are at their peak early in the morning to help knock out your strength-training workouts.

  10. Helps You Sleep Better:

    Early morning exercises produce melatonin earlier in the evening that regulates your sleep cycle. The National Sleep Foundation reports that people who exercise during the wee hours of the day are more likely to sleep longer and sustain deeper sleep cycles than people who workout later. 

  11. Gives You a Sense of Achievement:

    Finishing your fitness routine first thing in the morning will mark a productive kick start to your day. Better self-esteem goes a long way to improve our productivity. Finishing a task first thing after waking up will also motivate you to face the day with a higher sense of achievement and focus.

How To Be A Morning Person

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If you want to become a morning workout person, here is what you can do:

  • Give it time:

    Changing a habit requires at least three weeks of consistent effort. Do not set goals like aiming to finish a 6:00 am workout. Instead, change the time gradually.

  • Get ample sleep:

    Aim to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Establish an earlier bedtime to wake up early.

  • Prepare yourself:

    Keep your workout gear, including clothes, shoes, equipment, etc., prepared by your bedside the night before.

  • Fuel up:

    Eat something before diving into your training. A small apple, half of a banana, or even a little yoghurt will fuel you without bogging you down.

  • Experiment and have fun:

    Monotony can kill your fitness motivation over time. Try incorporating new exercises to find the best for you so that you enjoy your workouts. You might even look forward to it every morning. Making plans with a friend is a great way to hold yourself accountable. 

All this, however, does not mean that working out anytime later in the day is not effective. To highlight the other side for people who can't manage super early exercise regimes, here are some of the possible advantages of afternoon or evening workouts:

  • Higher body temperatures

    Your body temperature is highest around 4:00 to 5:00 pm, which means your muscles are already warmed up and ready to take on your fitness session. 

  • Increased strength and endurance

    The various activities we go through after waking up consequently raise our strength and endurance towards the afternoon to boost our exercise time.

  • More workout buddies

    It may be easier to find workout partners in the gyms later during the day than in the early hours of dawn.

  • Can work as a stress buster

    Exercising after a long hard day at work can help you unwind and de-stress.

Like we've said earlier, don't worry about the time of your workout. Instead, focus on getting it done. There is no incorrect time of exercising, but training in the morning does offer additional benefits. Despite that, if you find it easier to exercise during any other time the rest of the day, you should keep at it.